Don Quixote - Scented Book Candle

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Scent: Ill-Advised Curiosity

Size: 12.5 oz.


Don Quixote book candle is inspired by a founding work of Western literature, written by Miguel De Cervantes, often labeled "the first modern novel". Many authors consider it to be the best literary work ever written.

The "Ill-advised Curiosity" scent is inspired by adventures, bravery, and optimistic idealism. Beginning with top notes of citrus, sea salt, and ozone, the scent takes you deeper to plum and cardamom heart, wrapping up with noble amber and dark musk.

By imitating his admired literary heroes, the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, or just Don Quixote, announces himself a knight and finds new meaning in his life: aiding damsels in distress, battling giants, and righting wrongs… mostly in his own head. And very kindly.

It is a book about books, reading, writing, idealism vs. materialism, life … and death. A founding work of Western literature, it is often labeled "the first modern novel" and many authors consider it to be the best literary work ever written. We agree with them.

Ill-Advised Curiosity scent profile:
- Top note: Citrus, Sea Salt, Ozone
- Heart: Plum, Cardamom
- Base: Amber

100% Premium Soy Wax and Natural Oils
Woven cotton Wick
Hand-poured in Santa Monica, CA

      Customer Reviews

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      Kim Sholtis
      Love this candle!

      Smells great! Am a Spanish teacher so it makes me smile every time I see it. :)

      Beautiful gift. Amazing packaging

      I’m usually picky, but I am so stunned by how thoughtful the packaging is. They’ve cut no corners and it would make a lovely gift. I bought it for myself but am definitely buying it for all my friends this Christmas.