Ulysses, by James Joyce

Hailed as a masterpiece when it debuted in 1922, the 700-plus-page stream-of-consciousness tale has lost none of its charm. Some say it is impossible to read. The others argue, that Ulysses is the greatest English book of the 20th century. “Love loves to love love.” - said the author.

The first edition of James Joyce's novel that follows Dubliner Leopold Bloom for a day on June 16, 1904, was published by a bookstore, in Paris, which had never printed a book before, and never would again. 

The book was printed in bright “Aegean” blue wrappers, as Joyce specified himself. 

750 copies were the normal issue; 150 copies were printed on a larger format, handmade paper; 100 copies were signed by Joyce. Among the people who first purchased the edition were Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway, who purchased several copies.

None of the 1,000 were allowed in the United States. 

We have seen it on sale for $75,000 at Christie’s. It is very popular among collectors.