Cinderella - Scented Book Candle

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Scent: From Rags To Riches

Size: 12.5 oz


One of the most famous bedtime stories in the world, Cinderella was the inspiration for this book candle.

There may be as many as 1,500 traditional variants of the tale around the world, including “The Girl with the Rose Red Slippers” from ancient Egypt, and a ninth-century A.D. Chinese tale. 

The story of Rhodopis, recounted by the Greek geographer Strabo sometime between 7 BC and AD 23, about a Greek slave girl who marries the king of Egypt, is usually considered to be the earliest known variant of the Cinderella story.

It has inspired countless modern retellings including Walt Disney's iconic 1950 cartoon, the film Pretty Woman, the novel, and the movie Ella Enchanted, which reimagines its dutiful heroine with a curse that makes her obey, and too many others to name.

The version that is now most widely known in the English-speaking world was published in French by Charles Perrault under the name "Cendrillon ou la petite pantoufle de Verre" in 1697. The popularity of his tale was due to his additions to the story, including the pumpkin, the fairy godmother, and the introduction of "glass" slippers. 

Although the title and main character's name change in different languages, in English-language folklore Cinderella is an archetypal name. In our world, it means from rags to riches. That's what we called this magical scent. It is tangy, tantalizing, and delightfully refreshing. Hints of ginger and green leaves enhance the natural quality of tangerine. Notes of vanilla and wood in the base keep this high-spirited scent grounded and balanced.

The Rags to Riches scent profile:
- Top note: Grapefruit, Tangerine, Ozone
- Heart: Ginger, Mimosa, Green Leaves
- Base: Vanilla, Wood

100% Premium Soy Wax and Natural Oils
Woven cotton Wick
Hand-poured in Santa Monica, CA

Customer Reviews

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Bought 2

Found these candles for sale at the ballet in Peoria, IL. Bought one and when I got to my seat and got to open the package I was so amazed by the scent I had to go back and buy another. Burns great too. Can't wait to buy more. We live in a victorian home and these fill the huge rooms with scent.

Suzanne Kates
Super idea!

Love, love, love these candles. The whole concept is wonderful. The service is superb as well.

Eleanor Wells
Smells amazing!

I'm surprised this doesn't have any kind of pumpkin scent but I really do feel like I'm in the Tremaine manor.